CSS may also refer to:

1 Computing and telecommunications
2 Arts and entertainment
3 Government
4 Military
5 Schools and education
6 Space
7 Other organisations
8 Medicine and health science
9 Other uses
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Computing and telecommunications

Central Structure Store book, in the PHIGS 3D API
Closed-source software, software that is not distributed with source code
Computational social science, academic sub-disciplines concerned with computational approaches to the social sciences
Content Scramble System, an encryption algorithm in DVDs
Content Services Switch, a family of load balancers produced by Cisco
Chirp spread spectrum, a modulation concept, part of the standard IEEE 802.15.4aCSS

Arts and entertainment

CSS (band), Cansei de Ser Sexy, a Brazilian electro-rock band
Closed Shell Syndrome, a fictional disease in the Ghost in the Shell television series
Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast, defunct southeast U.S. sports cable television network
Campus SuperStar, a popular Singapore school-based singing competition, organised by Mediacorp
Counter-Strike: Source, an online first-person shooter computer game developed by Valve Corporation


Center for Strategic Studies in Iran
Central Security Service, the military component of the NSA
Central Superior Services of Pakistan
Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad, a U.S. railroad
Committee for State Security, a former name for the Bulgarian secret service
KGB, the Committee for State Security, the Soviet Union’s security agency
Canadian Survey Ship, of the Canadian Hydrographic Service


Combat service support organizations
Dongfeng missile, a Chinese surface-to-surface missile system (NATO designation code CSS)
Confederate States Ship, the historical naval branch of the Confederate States armed forces
Confederate Secret Service, the secret service operations of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War

Schools and education

Columbia Secondary School, New York, NY, USA
Centennial Secondary School (disambiguation)
Safety training certificate (France) (Flight attendant), (Certificat de Sécurité Sauvetage) former name of the French national degree required to be flight attendant in France
Chase Secondary School, British Columbia, Canada
College of Social Studies, at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, USA
Clementi Secondary School, Hong Kong SAR, China
Colorado Springs School, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Commonwealth Secondary School, Jurong East, Singapore
Courtice Secondary School, Courtice, Canada
CSS Profile, College Scholarship Service Profile, a U.S. student aid application form
College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, Minnesota, USA


Chinese space station, a modular space station project
Canadian Space Society, a federally incorporated non-profit Canadian corporation
Catalina Sky Survey, an astronomical survey
Commercial space station (disambiguation)

Other organisations

Club Sportif Sfaxien, a Tunisian sport club
Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast, a cable-exclusive regional sports television network
Citizens Signpost Service, a body of the European Commission
Commission on Safety Standards, a commission of the IAEA
Community Service Society of New York
Congregation of the Sacred Stigmata, or Stigmatines, a Catholic religious order
Cryptogamic Society of Scotland, a Scottish botanical research society

Medicine and health science

Cancer-specific survival, survival rates specific to cancer type
Churg-Strauss syndrome, a type of autoimmune vasculitis, also known as eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis
Cross-sectional study, a study collecting data across a population at one point in time
Coronary steal syndrome, the syndrome resulting from the blood flow problem called coronary steal
Carotid sinus syndrome (carotid sinus syncope)—see Carotid sinus § Disease of the carotid sinus

Other uses

Chessington South railway station, a National Rail station code in England
Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad, a freight railroad between Chicago, Illinois, and South Bend, Indiana
Constant surface speed, a mode of machine tool operation, an aspect of speeds and feeds
Context-sensitive solutions (transport), in transportation planning
Customer satisfaction survey, a tool used in customer satisfaction research
Cyclic steam stimulation, an oil field extraction technique—see Steam injection (oil industry)

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